Caught by @Spadow, the first news of MS2 launching in NA has been found in the wild.

Nexon America put up a posting for them looking to hire a Production Manager for MS2. You can find more info here.
If anyone didn't see it, I translated it for all.

"We here at maplestory 2 are very happy to say that it has been 100 days since we have officially launched
The dev team is working extremely hard to make future content more interesting and amazing for everyone
Unfortunately, there will be no more patches/content/updates for the next 51 days (unsure if this means small updates or big updates)"

Which means 3rd December 2015 is the next "big content update"

EDIT: Small mistake: There will be small updates along the way, but big update coming on 3rd December
The 9/22 patch (estimated 5 hours) commences at:
- 15/09/22 Tuesday 6am~11am KST
- 09/21/15 Monday 5pm~10pm EDT
- 09/21/15 Monday 4pm~9pm CDT
- 09/21/15 Monday 3pm~8pm MDT
- 09/21/15 Monday 2pm~7pm PDT
- 22/09/15 Tuesday 7am~12pm AEST (UTC+10)
  • Game Maintenance (2 hours)
- 15/09/17 Thursday 7am~9am KST
- 09/16/15 Wednesday 6pm~8pm EDT
- 09/16/15 Wednesday 5pm~7pm CDT
- 09/16/15 Wednesday 4pm~6pm MDT
- 09/16/15 Wednesday 3pm~5pm PDT
- 17/09/15 Thursday 8am~10am AEST (UTC+10)
  • Homepage Maintenance (1 hour and 30 minutes)
- 15/09/17 Thursday 7am~8:30am KST
- 09/16/15 Wednesday 6pm~7:30pm EDT
- 09/16/15 Wednesday 5pm~6:30pm CDT
- 09/16/15 Wednesday 4pm~5:30pm MDT
- 09/16/15 Wednesday 3pm~4:30pm PDT
- 17/09/15 Thursday 8am~9:30am AEST (UTC+10)
Translated the event that is currently up and running. Enjoy!
Right click and open in new tab or window to maximise visibility.

official event page "".
Sup people of the internets! iamflip, your residential streamer and humble TriaTV mod, is here with some exciting news - MapleStory2 is almost here and our streamers are ready to cover it all!!!

Tomorrow is the big day that we've been waiting for a long long time. And while we are sad that many of you won't be able to play with us, you can still join in on the fun! Read on after the cut to find out how! case you guys haven't seen our KMS2 release countdown on the forum lately, we're less than 2 weeks away from the servers finally going live. It's gonna be an exciting time leading up to the release and during the next few days after.

And it'll be even more exciting... with your help! While the staff here has some ideas on events and prizes, we want what you think we can do or what you can offer to celebrate along with us. Read on and see how you can help!
Hey Trians!

You may have noticed a new blue widget on the right side of the screen today.
Tria is moving away from TS3 and will instead be running with Discord from this point forward.

TL;DR welcome to Skype for gaming.
Today Tria has promoted both @커사키 and @AtomicAdam to full Super Moderators.
Alot of the Tria community is on the go and and the only communication we have are our cellphones..I suggest we create a Tria.Tv group on The Line App Line is a awesome app we can communicate with also they have cute Emoji's I believe it would make the Tria community stronger and more of a family