Here it is, the vote for the first ever Tria Community Game Night. For our first CGN, I decided it would be best to choose a well-known game, since I'm essentially testing this to see how well (or how bad) it goes.

Vote in the poll above. Poll closes Thursday May 28th (was originally going to be Friday, but I felt I needed more time to set everything up and prepare between when this poll ends and the actual CGN happens).

Note: All games are the PC versions.

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Today Tria has promoted both @커사키 and @AtomicAdam to full Super Moderators.
Alot of the Tria community is on the go and and the only communication we have are our cellphones..I suggest we create a Tria.Tv group on The Line App Line is a awesome app we can communicate with also they have cute Emoji's I believe it would make the Tria community stronger and more of a family

Hi all!

In the spoilers below you will find the most current export of all the sounds from MapleStory 2
Nothing changed as of this update.

I'll export the other sounds soon and will be updating when new versions come out.

*Thanks Phuuz for the banner
Greetings Triatans!

As our community continues to grow, I feel like we need more ways to interact as a community since besides Maple 1, we don't actually have a game to play right now. One of the ideas I came up with was the " Community Game Night". The idea is that once a week (probably a Friday or Saturday evening, EST) we would have a server open in a different game every week for our members to play on with each other. We would of course take community feedback to decide what games to do and we would have some sort of a rotation. If people didn't really like a game it would be removed and if the community wanted to try other games, we could include them.

Even if you are unable to play, we could maybe get someone to stream the Community Game Night, which would allow those who can't do so to hang out in chat and still be apart of the fun! Also, with the addition of the TeamSpeak server, we'll have a way to communicate with each other as we play games!

My question to you, Triatans are the following:

1.) Would you be interested in this?

2.) If so, what sort of games would you like to see in the rotation?

This post is mostly to gauge interest in the idea. If people like it, we can make it a reality!
As a few of you might have seen already, Tria now has a TS3 server. Registered users can see the widget on the sidebar. (Also @Spadow suggested something like this to me)
You should have quickly noticed that there is a new tab located on the navigation ribbon today.
Good news everyone!

Tria has now an official fansite for MapleStory!

@Artasi joined our ranks today and has made a welcoming post over on the official forums!&nxid=6

And we should show up on this page soon enough!

A few threads back Nexon was teasing a few mobs by showing their silhouettes.
Here are the revealed monsters.