Just a small question. I want to know for future reference, since I don't want to post in wrong forum :p..
Hey Trians!

Yesterday I had a phone call with the Discord CEO. He was wanting to see what I thought about the app, what features could be improved, etc.

I popped into our Discord group and gathered some questions from @Phuuz, @Sublime, @Mizu and a few others ( i don't remember who ;~;). Here are their answers!!

Note: I sent this whole list off to him after we were done with our call since I didn't cover everything/ he was driving for most of the duration of the call ><


Images/logos for each server
This has been suggested a lot. They're thinking about it.
Word/URL blacklist
He was interested in what I had to say about the possibility of a blacklist/more admin features. Didn't say if this would be possible or not but he listed.
Embedded text box
Currently not planned. I probably wouldn't be on this one.
Custom emotes on a per server basis
Listened. Didn't say much.
Downloadable chatlog
He was interested in what I might want to use this for, either administration purposes or just for backups. Administration backlogs would let users report or flag posts and Admins could see them in a different window (or something similar). He sounded interested! I think they may implement both options?
Editable messages
Proper friends list. Currently its a mash of people you've encountered/people you've direct messaged.
This is one of their current priorities. I feel that this should be coming very soon (Summer)
Online/Offline user widgets for web use
I didn't ask. It sort of meshed into the other widget question.
Server widgets showing total...​
I think it would be a good thing if I made an occasional post to here that explains how much Tria costs to run and what I am doing with your donations.

I have never intended upon monetizing Tria in the slightest. Any and all donations go towards purchasing server time, addons, skins, or freelance work. Donations will never be used on anything more or less than this.

I will never name names in terms of who donated what. I will only give denominations for the month.
Effective immediately Tria will no longer allow users to ask, beg, or plead for Nexon Korea accounts.

If you need help making one, sure someone can assist you.
Do you need help navigating the account backend for Nexon Korea? Thats fine no problem.

But we will not allow users to ask other users for accounts. There are just too many people already starting to do this and I do not want Tria to turn into nothing more than a hunting grounds for accounts. That is not why I started this site and that is not how I am going to run it.

This ends now. If anyone messages another user for an account feel free to report them. Offenders will be subjected to a 1 month ban from Tria.
Hey guys Ouracle here~

And today im here to tell everyone at Tria one very important rule that some people seem to forget about.


Guys I know you want to help one another out but in terms of korean nexon, it is not legal.

If you want to tell someone please do not tell them about it here.

If you advertise you will get a warning

Thank you for understanding!
Greetings Trians!

As you probably know we held our very first Community Game Night (although it actually lasted over 24 hours). I wanted to make a post with some information about our next Community Game Night as well as some highlights! Sorry that this post is pretty long.

Before I move onto highlights from our Minecraft Server, I wanted to post some information about future CGNs. I am very pleased with the turnout of the first CGN. When the server went up, we had quite a few people online playing. While the number went down as the night went on, it did pick up again on Saturday. Under normal circumstances, a game night will only last a couple of hours on a friday or saturday night. Because this was a Minecraft server, and the pace of Minecraft is a lot slower than a lot of other games we'd play during a game night, I decided that having a server up for an entire day would be a lot better than having it up for just a couple hours. I think for future game nights, when we play faster-paced games, we should get a good enough turnout to keep doing them.

That being said, Community Game Night #2 unfortunately will not be happening for a while. I want to retool some of the ways we decide which game to play (right now I'm thinking of having a thread open for a day where each person can nominate one game, and then put all of those games into a poll). Before I asked everyone to just give me a list of games and I picked a couple options that I thought would be fairly easy to pull off for a first CGN. In the future, I want everyone to be able to contribute to which games are played, not just me picking everytime. Because of this, we probably wont see another Community Game Night until sometime in July. If possible, I'd like to do it the week before Maple 2 opens up, but we'll have to wait and see. Once we get going, I would really love to do one at least once a month, but for now, we'll take it nice and easy. I also want to add that it probably won't be Minecraft...
Tonight we will be hosting our very first Community Game Night! We have had a poll open the past two weeks and Minecraft was the winner! Because of this we (and by we, I mean @Zelkova) will be hosting a vanilla 1.8.6 Minecraft server for 24 hours starting tonight between 8PM and 9PM EDT!

Since the server will be posted here for anyone to see, we've decided to whitelist it. In order to be allowed to play, you will have to leave your Minecraft username here. We'll add everyone here to the whitelist before the server goes up. After that, you'll have to wait for an OP to see your name posted here to be added. To ensure that you can get on the server as soon as it goes up, make sure to post here ASAP!

Server Info
Server Address: play.tria.tv
Minecraft Version: 1.8.6 Vanilla
Open Time: May 29th, 2015 8PM EDT
Close Time: May 30th, 2015 8PM EDT

Some Quick Server Rules
1.) No Griefing
2.) Don't harass other players
3.) Don't spam the chat
4.) No stealing other people's items
5.) PVP will be enabled, but I will be building a PVP Arena once the server goes up. PVP will only be allowed in the PVP arena. If you start going on a killing spree outside of the PVP arena, you will be blocked from the server.

On a final note, we have decided that we'll keep this map saved somewhere and if we return to Minecraft in the future, we will use it again!

Hope to see you all there! :)


Hello everyone! Island here.

I decided to create a UGC outfit specific to Tria.tv

As much as I love Tria as a community,
this... doesn't really cut it as a "mascot" to my taste...
(you may respectfully disagree)

So it's your turn to pitch in!
What we need is a real mascot!

  • Duration:
  • What we need:
    A mascot. Drafts/ideas/topics/subject of original content!
    (pls no "Onodera" face or any trademarked content),
    MapleStory1/2 contents are feasible!
  • The Process:
    After we have decent number of ideas, or submissions, we will either do a poll and have a community decision.
  • Usage:
    Whether this "mascot" will become Tria's official mascot or not, will ultimately depend on Mod/Admins.​
For now, we need a mascot for our own Tria UGC Outfit!

After we decide on the "mascot" I will personally create the outfit.
I will upload the UGC template here on Tria for everyone to use for free in-game!
Here it is, the vote for the first ever Tria Community Game Night. For our first CGN, I decided it would be best to choose a well-known game, since I'm essentially testing this to see how well (or how bad) it goes.

Vote in the poll above. Poll closes Thursday May 28th (was originally going to be Friday, but I felt I needed more time to set everything up and prepare between when this poll ends and the actual CGN happens).

Note: All games are the PC versions.

Have Steam? Looking to join the best steam group in all the land? Why not check out the Tria Steam group!? It was created by our very own @Kurt!

Don't have Steam?

Check out the Tria steam group here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/triatv
Get Steam here: http://store.steampowered.com