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      Island here!
      Here is a guide on how to join raid parties.

      In this guide there are several translation examples and reasons behind users advertisements.
      When I am looking for a party, I use something like this and spam in channel 1.

      "75만 거너 클경있음. 확클팟찼아요~"

      If you have no idea what this means, I will explain it in this guide.
      Hopefully you can get yourself the ad you want and get in a specific party by just copy and pasting.

      A lot of Korean users use slang instead of direct translations.

      I will try my best to color code it.

      "75만 거너 클경있어요. 확클팟찼아요~"

      In the example above there are 4 color codes.

      75만 (750K or 750,000)
      Description of how much damage you can do in that specific Raid.
      (There's no way to know your DPS if this is the first time you are trying the raid. It is in your best interest to look for a practice party and slowly learn to do more damage.)

      거너 (Heavy Gunner)
      Description of your class.
      Assassin - 어쎄씬, 어씬
      Beginner - 초보자
      Berserker - 버서커, 버섴
      Heavy Gunner - 헤비, 거너, 헤비거너
      Knight - 나이트
      Priest - 프리스티, 프리
      Ranger - 래인저
      Thief - 시프
      Wizard - 위자드

      클경 or 클경험 (Clearing Experience)
      If you have cleared the raid before, use this option.
      Otherwise leave this option out if you never cleared the raid before.
      Most party leaders will check your
      ID using Maview.
      If they see that you have no registered clear log, they will eventually remove you. (This takes a bit to update)

      ex. "XX만 XX. XX찼아요~"

      확클팟 or 클팟 or 헤딩팟
      There are 3 different parties someone can advertise to join for.

      확클팟 (100% Clearing Party. Parties that have cleared the run before, and needs members to fill for members that left the party.)

      클팟 (Clearing Party.
      New parties that have not cleared yet. Only containing clearing experienced members.)

      (Heading party/Practice party. Consisting party members who are practicing. For new players.)

      If you are personally not 100% comfortable with the raid and
      you have no experience on clearing with decent DPS, you should not be looking for a clearing party.
      If you were to fail the run, you will not only waste your time but also everyone's keys.
      They will weed you out and eventually kick you from the party.

      Other notable translations:
      물딜 - Attack Damage
      마딜 - Magic Damage
      몇채널? - What Channel?
      능숙자 - Experienced player

      "60만 어씬 헤딩팟찼아요"
      "600K Assassin looking for practice/heading party"
      (If you want to look for a practice party, you dont even really need to advertise your DPS.)

      "70만 어쎄씬 능숙자 찼아요"
      "700K Assassin Experienced Player looking for clearing party"

      (Advertising that you are an Experienced Player without having clearing experience might get you into parties, but most likely not.)

      "70만 어쎄씬 능숙자 클경험있어요 클팟찼아요"
      "700K Assassin Experienced Player with clear experience looking for clearing party"

      "70만 버서커 클경험있어요 클팟찼아요"

      "700K Berserker with clear experience looking for clearing party"

      "80만 위자드 클경있음 확클팟좀요"

      "800K Wizard with clear experience looking for 100% clearing party"

      If you have any questions or tips/help let me know!
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