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Abnormal...yet Yourself. Join us now :D
Jul 23, 2015
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We are a Casual AND Semi-Hardcore guild which means we like to have fun AND go into Raids and PQ's, Chat, Adventure, Help, Screw Around, and all around have a good time ^_^.

We stick together, nobody left behind unless we literally CANT bring them (full party etc.) But will always find alternative ways! Everybody is weird in their own way even abnormal, and should be treated like everyone else. Everyone matters! ;) and we all just want to have good memories and fun on maplestory2 while meeting some new friends.

We Skype and Voicechat mainly on either Skype or Discord client whichever you prefer but if you dont want that we still chat and text so you are welcome too :)! (Mic not needed to join a voicechat ^_^)

If you are weird and wanna take a chance with me and other eerie people then this is the guild for you, Abnormies, UNITE :D