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Hardcore KMS2 Raid & GvG Guild
Aug 22, 2015
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Lionheart Guild



Lionheart is a KMS2 English-speaking guild that was founded on July 23rd 2015. Currently, we are only accepting dedicated players into our guild. Please see the requirements below if interested in joining. If you are still looking for a community but do not meet the requirements, you are still welcome to join us, ask us questions, and chat in our Discord server.

Public Discord Server: tinyurl.com/ms2alliance


We believe in a community where all members are equal regardless of rank or status. Members are to be judged fairly by their character. We aim for a strong sense of community where all members feel at home.

Currently, our goal is to progress as far as we can to KMS2 in preparation for GMS2. If you are a dedicated player and would like to join, please see the Requirements & Rules listed below before applying.

We have a Starter Guide as well as a Lionheart spreadsheet. Aside from the starter guide, every other document we utilize is in the LH doc.
  • Starter Guide: Lists recommendations for progressing through the game as well as a translated map
  • Clear checker: Checks a character’s raid experience for level 48+ raids.
  • Translations: Useful English-Korean translations you can copy and paste to communicate
  • TIME: 10PM Eastern
  • FOCUS: Chaos Raids / Balrog Practice


  • Very Active
  • Highly Motivated: Must strive to learn and improve. Be able to listen, adapt, and be independent.
  • Able to purchase NX/Merit: In difficult raids, it is NECESSARY to revive. Those who are unable to obtain merit will not be able to raid with us on endgame content.
  • BONUS: Raid experience


» KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE : We would like to keep a healthy atmosphere so everyone can be comfortable.

» Treat others with RESPECT: Drama is not welcome here or anywhere, do not take it out on us and the people around you. Please be considerate of others.

» REPRESENT THE GUILD. Members of Lionheart are expected to represent the guild in a positive way. Be mindful of the consequences of your actions outside of guild. This especially means that WHEN JOINING RANDOM PARTIES, you are to do at least a little research so that you are not blindly going in and possibly ruining the experience for others.

»BE HONEST WITH YOUR EXPERIENCE. Especially if you are in a PUG. If you do not have practice, you should be joining practice parties. You SHOULD NOT be joining 100% clear parties if you are not confident in contributing your share of the work.

» JOIN DISCORD. It’s our primary means of communication. You do not need to use the voice chat if you are uncomfortable as text chat is also available.

Note: Failure to comply with the above rules may result in getting kicked from guild.

If there is ever a problem contact a fellow staff member by tagging them on discord or whispering them ingame. Staff members are labeled knights in-game, and super moderators in the Lionheart channel.


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