Streamer Terms of Service

By submitting your stream to (Tria) you are agreeing to our terms of service for displaying your stream.

The rules for submitting your stream are short and simple.

  1. Your stream is your own. Do not submit streams for other streamers. Tria keeps logs of who submits what stream, if you submit multiple streams you may be questioned or denied. If this is a problem please contact a member of Tria's staff.
  2. You MUST be streaming an official MapleStory server. Private servers are NOT ALLOWED OR TOLERATED. If you are caught streaming a private server your stream will be removed without question and you will be barred from submitting streams in the future.
  3. Submitted streams/streamers are not required to only stream MapleStory. Tria will allow streamers to stream any game they want but they must stream MapleStory from time to time.

These are the only rules for streaming to Tria. Enjoy your time here!

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