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Discussion in 'Q & A' started by Zelkova, Mar 24, 2014.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    • Can I play X version of MapleStory?
    It really depends on which version you are wanting to play. Each MS version has some sort of limiting factor in order to play.
    • GMS has an IP ban on accounts that were created after EMS went live.
    • KMS requires that you use a Korean cell phone for iPin creation
    • CMS requires that you have a Chinese IP and resident number
    • MSEA requires that you have a resident ID
    • JMS requires that you have a Japanese IP
    I don't think EMS has any limiting factor in use.
    I have never tried TMS, I suspect they will require special IP range.
    • Can I play MapleStory on a Mac?
    Yes and no. MapleStory will not play natively on a Mac unfortunately as it was built for a Windows environment in a Windows coding language. You can however run one of the two options listed here.
    • You can install bootcamp, parallels, or any other such software to install Windows on your Mac and just boot to the Windows OS rather than Mac from bootup.
    • You can install VMWare or VirtualBox. Running MapleStory in a virtual OS is against Nexon's ToS so while it is entirely possible, I wouldn't suggest doing this.
    • When will X class be available to make again? Why is it disabled in the first place?
    • Nexon likes to disable classes every once in a while for a couple of reasons. They like to disable new classes to increase the playerbase from the release until the date is disabled. If players know that you can't make a Zero after X day, they'll rush to make one right now so they have one for later.

    Ex: Over 40000 Zeros were made between Date X and Y. This class brought many players back to the game!

    • Nexon also likes to disable classes before their revamp so that players will rush to make that class as soon as it is available. If they left the class enabled the whole time then they wouldn't see such high numbers to report.

    Ex: 5000 players made an Aran the day the revamp went public!
    If the class was enabled the whole time, that number might have only been 2000.
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