Hello Trians!~
I want to ask you about something that is little but it's "bugging" me, everytime I use the "like" feature to something I really appreciate of you I have to go to another pop-up that question me if I'm sure.
Maybe it could be changed to give the like right away.

That's all, bye!
its been 2.5 years since tentar left BRING IT BACK
Hello all,

As news of GMS2 starts to come in more and more frequently, I am reminded that I need to get off my ass and actually do some work on the site.

In the upcoming weeks I will be refreshing Tria. One of the key features we will gain is HTTPS, something I failed to implement in the past.

The site shouldn't become unreachable at any point in time, but on the offchance it is, it's likely due to me moving files.

Is tria dead? Is maplestory 2 dead?
Attention Trians,

We will be moving to a new guide system starting today. I will allow the old and new systems to co-exist for the next week. In this time, please move all of your guides to the new system.

Guide Authors:


And any other guide author I did not mention.

The old system can be found here

The new system is here
Hello Trians,

Right now our VPS is having some unexpected issues and there may be outages for 30 minutes - a few hours depending on when they occur. Currently my only fix for the outages is to reboot the server. I have contacted my host and am looking to get the issue resolved ASAP.

In the mean time, if the server goes down please send me a direct message on Discord so that I can fix the issue asap.

I apologize for the outages. I am working the fastest I can to get the issue resolved.

Thanks everyone,
Hello Trians!

After much deliberation Tria has decided to add @Phuuz to the moderation team!

He has really helped out quite a lot on Tria since he joined and I can't think of anyone better.to stand by us as Tria continues to grow!
(He has done a ton of work on the wiki as well! Go look at them assassin stars!)

Congratulations @Phuuz!

(We love you too @Locke dw)
Updating the wiki not only requires gathering and translating of relevant information but also rigorous organization through formatting. Not every one of us has the ability to accurately translate the information available (google translate can only do so much with translating names/titles), and simultaneously format them onto the wiki.

In order to bridge that gap and speed up the process of updating the wiki I began preparing the information on spreadsheets. This way anyone who wants to help with updating the information can do so without worrying about the formatting.

All entries are linked by their Item No. to their corresponding page on Maview for your reference.
Translation for the names of items, monsters and maps are a priority, all other information are secondary.

Make edits in RED
GREEN = Updated Wiki Entries

3. Check the different tabs at the bottom of the sheet so you don't miss anything

1. Added the spread sheets for etc and consumables if anyone can help translate that'd be awesome, also need help with setting up the modules for them for wiki.
2. Added spread sheets for maps. The map labels are currently grouped by location, but the numberings are somewhat arbitrary, and I'm also unsure which town some maps belong to. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do the labelling of the world map better I'm willing to provide the PSD file used to create the labels. I don't currently have the updated shadow world map nor do I have any means of getting a clean copy of the updated map. And again need help setting up module for wiki XD I'm thinking it might be nice to have one of those zoomable pluggins for the map for wiki as the map is already fairly large and probably going to expand. But not sure how difficult that would be to set...
Just a small question. I want to know for future reference, since I don't want to post in wrong forum :p..
Hey everyone!

I am wanting to retire our current badge system for a newer system instead.

So rather than seeing a badge for each title/position/etc attained

You'll see smaller ones that stack.


This way if someone is a "Founder" they can still retain their Founder badge but you can also see their Donor badge or whathaveyou.

My only question to you is what should we use to symbolize the following badges.

<div class="customtitle admin1" style="display: inline-block;">Administrator</div>
<div class="mod1 customtitle" style="display: inline-block;">Moderator</div>
<div class="mod1 customtitle" style="display: inline-block;">Jr. Moderator</div>
<div class="ambassador1 customtitle" style="display: inline-block;">Ambassador</div>
<div class="customtitle retired1" style="display: inline-block;">Retired Staff</div>
<div class="tenured1 customtitle" style="display: inline-block;">Active Member</div>
<div class="tenured2 customtitle" style="display: inline-block;">Senior Member</div>
<div class="founder1 customtitle" style="display: inline-block;">Founder</div>
<div class="wiki1 customtitle" style="display: inline-block;">Wiki Editor</div>
<div class="premium1 customtitle" style="display: inline-block;">Premium</div>