Tonight we will be hosting our very first Community Game Night! We have had a poll open the past two weeks and Minecraft was the winner! Because of this we (and by we, I mean @Zelkova) will be hosting a vanilla 1.8.6 Minecraft server for 24 hours starting tonight between 8PM and 9PM EDT!

Since the server will be posted here for anyone to see, we've decided to whitelist it. In order to be allowed to play, you will have to leave your Minecraft username here. We'll add everyone here to the whitelist before the server goes up. After that, you'll have to wait for an OP to see your name posted here to be added. To ensure that you can get on the server as soon as it goes up, make sure to post here ASAP!

Server Info
Server Address:
Minecraft Version: 1.8.6 Vanilla
Open Time: May 29th, 2015 8PM EDT
Close Time: May 30th, 2015 8PM EDT

Some Quick Server Rules
1.) No Griefing
2.) Don't harass other players
3.) Don't spam the chat
4.) No stealing other people's items
5.) PVP will be enabled, but I will be building a PVP Arena once the server goes up. PVP will only be allowed in the PVP arena. If you start going on a killing spree outside of the PVP arena, you will be blocked from the server.

On a final note, we have decided that we'll keep this map saved somewhere and if we return to Minecraft in the future, we will use it again!

Hope to see you all there! :)



Hello everyone! Island here.

I decided to create a UGC outfit specific to

As much as I love Tria as a community,
this... doesn't really cut it as a "mascot" to my taste...
(you may respectfully disagree)

So it's your turn to pitch in!
What we need is a real mascot!

  • Duration:
  • What we need:
    A mascot. Drafts/ideas/topics/subject of original content!
    (pls no "Onodera" face or any trademarked content),
    MapleStory1/2 contents are feasible!
  • The Process:
    After we have decent number of ideas, or submissions, we will either do a poll and have a community decision.
  • Usage:
    Whether this "mascot" will become Tria's official mascot or not, will ultimately depend on Mod/Admins.​
For now, we need a mascot for our own Tria UGC Outfit!

After we decide on the "mascot" I will personally create the outfit.
I will upload the UGC template here on Tria for everyone to use for free in-game!

<div class="customtitle admin1" style="display: inline-block;">Administrator</div>
[/parsehtml]Administrators are members who can basically dictate everything the site can do. From installing new plugins, editing nodes, modifying css, and adjusting user accounts.

<div class="mod1 customtitle" style="display: inline-block;">Moderator</div>
[/parsehtml]Moderators police the forum. They can remove posts (but not perma delete, only admins can), remove streams, and bypass filters.

<div class="mod1 customtitle" style="display: inline-block;">Jr. Moderator</div>
[/parsehtml]Jr. Moderators are similar to moderators however they have less power.

<div class="ambassador1 customtitle" style="display: inline-block;">Ambassador</div>
[/parsehtml]Ambassadors are users who are helping Tria by translating KMS2 updates and help keep Tria up to date with whats going on in MS2.

<div class="customtitle retired1" style="display: inline-block;">Retired Staff</div>
[/parsehtml]Retired staff members. Thats pretty much it.

Site Members

<div class="registered1 customtitle" style="display: inline-block;">Member</div>
[/parsehtml]You're a registered member

<div class="tenured1 customtitle" style="display: inline-block;">Active Member</div>
[/parsehtml]You're an active member who has over 50 posts. Active members gain the ability to create groups and other abilities that normal registered members do not have access to.

<div class="tenured2 customtitle" style="display: inline-block;">Senior Member</div>
[/parsehtml]Senior members (at this time) have the requirement of achieving 1000 posts and 100 likes.

<div class="founder1 customtitle" style="display: inline-block;">Founder</div>
[/parsehtml]Founders are the first 100 members who joined

<div class="wiki1 customtitle" style="display: inline-block;">Wiki...
Phones and tablets count.

I am asking due to (from what I understand) there being quite a few people actually viewing Tria on their phone quite a bit if only to view the shoutbox.

If we have enough people using Tria on their phone I'll invest in a very mobile friendly theme only for mobile. This way the site is a bit kinder to phones.

So let me know! ^^
Here it is, the vote for the first ever Tria Community Game Night. For our first CGN, I decided it would be best to choose a well-known game, since I'm essentially testing this to see how well (or how bad) it goes.

Vote in the poll above. Poll closes Thursday May 28th (was originally going to be Friday, but I felt I needed more time to set everything up and prepare between when this poll ends and the actual CGN happens).

Note: All games are the PC versions.

Have Steam? Looking to join the best steam group in all the land? Why not check out the Tria Steam group!? It was created by our very own @Kurt!

Don't have Steam?

Check out the Tria steam group here:
Get Steam here:
Today Tria has promoted both @커사키 and @AtomicAdam to full Super Moderators.

Ouracle has only been a member of the community for a short amount of time but has dedicated a large amount of time to help out around Tria. This was really important during the CBT. We here at Tria believe him to be a great addition to our team.

Adam has been a Jr. Moderator (for the most part) here at Tria since nearly the start. We have decided to upgrade him to full Super Moderator status today as well.

Thank you both for your contributions to Tria.

To the Trians, thank you all for making our community great and I hope we continue to grow.
Alot of the Tria community is on the go and and the only communication we have are our cellphones..I suggest we create a Tria.Tv group on The Line App Line is a awesome app we can communicate with also they have cute Emoji's I believe it would make the Tria community stronger and more of a family
There are a few pink members running around the forum by now so I guess I should make a post.

As you all know, MS2 CBT is live and many people are playing and having fun. However there are a few members that aren't able to play due to not getting in.

Luckily duckova has accounts up for sale! For $55 dollars!!

I am willing to pay for half of an account if you guys are willing to pitch in at least 5 dollars a head to help pay.
I will restrict accounts to a maximum of 5 users per account that way each player gets 1 slot ingame.

If you're interested in partaking in this you can navigate to

Please note that after this first account is filled up it may take an hour or so for the next account to be purchased and made available to users.

Edit: Account 1 is full! Account 2 is pending purchase.
Greetings Triatans!

As our community continues to grow, I feel like we need more ways to interact as a community since besides Maple 1, we don't actually have a game to play right now. One of the ideas I came up with was the " Community Game Night". The idea is that once a week (probably a Friday or Saturday evening, EST) we would have a server open in a different game every week for our members to play on with each other. We would of course take community feedback to decide what games to do and we would have some sort of a rotation. If people didn't really like a game it would be removed and if the community wanted to try other games, we could include them.

Even if you are unable to play, we could maybe get someone to stream the Community Game Night, which would allow those who can't do so to hang out in chat and still be apart of the fun! Also, with the addition of the TeamSpeak server, we'll have a way to communicate with each other as we play games!

My question to you, Triatans are the following:

1.) Would you be interested in this?

2.) If so, what sort of games would you like to see in the rotation?

This post is mostly to gauge interest in the idea. If people like it, we can make it a reality!