As a few of you might have seen already, Tria now has a TS3 server. Registered users can see the widget on the sidebar. (Also @Spadow suggested something like this to me)

I figured that you guys might want to be able to talk to eachother while either streaming, bossing, or just playing MS2 during the CBT.

If registered guilds would like their own rooms/channels please let me know, I can provide a room and password for you.
You should have quickly noticed that there is a new tab located on the navigation ribbon today.

Groups and guilds are now supported by Tria.

What does this mean for you? This means that users who meet certain criteria will be allowed to start, manage, and run their own forums within Tria. These forums have many functions that are greatly beneficial for not only guild leaders but also for streamers who want a dedicated forum for their followers. They can also be used by members who are into movies, gaming, or any other niche culture.

Guilds offer:
  • Their own forum
  • Their own calendar for events
  • Group creators can administrate their own forums. They can also promote trusted members to be moderators as well.
  • Groups can be open to the public, closed, or invisible. Closed/invisible groups require invites to see them.
  • Shared images! Images uploaded through Groups are only shared within the group itself.
Currently only users that have been promoted to Active Member (100 posts) or users that are Founders (One of the first 100 members on Tria) are able to create groups. This rule is put in place to deter spam, sorry newbies/bots.

I hope you all enjoy this feature! I've been wanting to implement it for the past 4 months, I just never had the cash to buy the plugin. ^^

You'll have one of these things.

Good news everyone!

Tria has now an official fansite for MapleStory!

@Artasi joined our ranks today and has made a welcoming post over on the official forums


And we should show up on this page soon enough!

When I stream i check to see if it's showing up on tria.tv. It is not showing at all when i stream so not a lot of people know about it. PLZ FIX
Hey boys and girls!

Tria is now running on our new server. There may be some bugs here or there that you may encounter and I'd appreciate it if everyone posted any bugs they find in this thread.

Screenshots are encouraged!
I have finally given in and will be moving Tria to it's own dedicated server.
The server has been purchased and is currently being set up.

I will be post when the server changes go live.
As a backup you can use http://ms2wiki.com to reach the old server. I will leave this link live until we have 100% moved to the new site.

Thanks for your patience!


Hey everyone.

Recently I've had to employ some pretty odd but effective bot prevention tactics on this forum.
I wanted to let everyone know exactly what features of your account might raise alarm and prevent you from being able to register.

I currently have a point system put in place for registering. If you cross X points you will not be allowed to register.
Each item on it's own won't prevent you from registering but 2 or more will.

A few factors that will increase your points are the following:
  • Registering using an outlook.com email address.
  • Registering with an New Delhi IP address.
  • Having a space in your username
As bots evolve I might employ other methods but for now this is what we are using. If you feel like any of these settings are preventing you from registering, please try a different email service provider or contact me directly via the Contact page.

If you can, please let me know how fast the site loads on average for you. This will help let me know what direction we want to move in terms of site hosting.

Also if you can, please let me know what kind of internet you're using. This will help me rule out slow load speeds solely because of your ISP and not the site host.
Hi d00ds.

I was wondering if anyone wanted to assist me in naming the user titles that we have here at Tria!

Currently this is what it looks like

(I plan on changing the ladder to messages rather than Trophy Points.)

On the old Tria site I had silly things like

Orange Mushroom
Wooden Sword
etc etc.

I'm up for anything. Even if you want to go off the wall (like SP is, lol "can of soup") we can consider it.

The MS2 wiki will be going down tonight for an upgrade to the pro version of Xencarta. With the upgrade comes a plethora of updates on both the front end and the back end.

I'll post more about the new features when I have everything put in place.