Hey guys,
Today I am proud to say that I've promoted both @iamflip and @AtomicAdam to Jr Moderators. We needed more mods of the forums and I'm very proud of both of these users.

Flip has been in charge of our social media (Twitter) and has shown promise with streaming.

Adam has been doing very well with reporting posts that I don't see immediately and is always around in both my streams and on the forum itself.

Grats guys!
Right now Tria doesn't have that great of a mobile view. I am considering adding Taptalk so that it is easily viewable on their app (which is available for Android and iOS, not sure about Windows etc)

Tapatalk is a paid app so it's not really free to view the forum this way.

Let me know what you guys think.
We lost a few features when we moved to Xenforo.

Major things that we lost were the name changes that people had and the founder badges.

Anyone who had a name change processed please leave their new name in this thread, I will manually change it for you.
As for founder badges, please leave your name here about that as well. I should be able to work something out to make those work.
Hey guys,

Since we have a Wiki built into Tria now, I am looking for people interested in helping me build out the wiki.

Anyone interested?
Hey everyone!

I was not very happy with how the old forums worked and how the plugins worked so I have moved us to a new forum software.

I have also ported over all of the old user accounts and threads as well.

Things that we have lost from this port are,

-Social Groups (Not used often)
-Various embeds that I can recreate over time.

Things that we have gained are

+Reliable Stream System
+Guides System

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. This site is still under construction in a few manners. If you have any suggestions please let me know.
We are moving to Xenforo!
Hi guys!

I am looking for some people who are willing to help me build out http://ms2wiki.com

We are currently using Dokuwiki however when I get my rack server in place I will upgrade to Mediawiki (Wikipedia?). If you would like to help please respond here!

This Saturday we’ll be challenging ourselves to a 12 hour stream in which we will be giving out amazing prizes! Together with ImZelkova, Jenfais, ThatWasMyKil, LesterXP, iTzWally, iamflip, Misusing and Goates, we’ll be starting over on one random world in Maplestory GMS, and we want you to join!

Now you might be a little confused about the join in part. What do we mean? Like I said, we the streamers will be starting over in GMS in one specific server. We will only make adventurer classes and go through the game for 12 hours straight, while talking and streaming to you guys.
At the same time, you can join us during our journey while starting a completely new character. Train, party and chat with us and other excited players! You of course, are free to create whatever class you want.

So what do you have to do to be eligible for the prizes?
All you need to do to be eligible is have 10 posts on Tria.TV that aren’t considered spam and has reached that amount of posts before we hand out the prize.

What world are you guys going to be playing in?
Scania - GMS.

How do I find you guys when you are streaming?
You’ll be able to find pretty much any of our streams in the directory for MapleStory, but if you can’t wait and want to choose your favourite stream right now, then here you have the list of all the streamers and their Twitch accounts.

Tria.tv will be hosting a 12 hour GMS Livestream on July 7th 2014 from:

8AM to 8PM CST

We will have many livestreamers there, Goates, Jen, Myself, iamflip, and many others.

We will also be giving away 3 10k NX cards as well! You can enter into that contest by going to http://tria.tv/page/contest.html
Activity on the forum has turned sluggish. This was mostly expected, as we don't exactly have a game to play right now. I would like to try to keep the forum busy somehow though.

Is there something that I can do to better engage you guys?
Does anyone have any other ideas?