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      1. Change your computer's system locale to Chinese (Simplified, China) (refer to this guide if you do not know how to do so).
      2. Create a QQ account here. Remember the number that is shown at the end as it will be the ID you will use to login to CMS2.
      3. Download the CMS2 installer here by clicking on the orange mushroom. Proceed to install the game.
      4. After the game has been successfully installed, open the 冒险岛2 shortcut on your desktop. If it is not on your desktop, open the directory that the game has been installed under (folder name should be 冒险岛2) and double-click 冒险岛2 (not 冒险岛2卸载.exe). The game launcher should now appear:
      5. Enter your QQ ID from step 2 in the first box and your password in the second box. Then press the yellow button to login. A window like this will pop up:
      6. The first box asks for your Chinese name (you may use a Google Translation of your name). The second box asks for a Chinese Resident ID which you can generate from this website (the Residence Code 6 digit can be anything and make sure you are over 18). Skip the third box and press the orange button to verify yourself as an adult Chinese citizen. You will now see a list of possible servers to play on:
      7. Select a server (equivalent to worlds in MapleStory 1) to play on and press the yellow button.
      That is all there is to register for CMS2 OBT. The game will be playable on 9/21/17 beginning 15:00 UTC+8. Enjoy!
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