Battle For Zakum (CMS2)

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    Hi everyone.

    The guild BiFrost is recruiting members to join us defeat Zakum and other raid bosses in CMS2 on server 女王鎮. We are looking for active members who will be willing to join us in raids and other dungeons. With the newest patch for cms2 yesterday, there is a way to get a permanent +12 weapon, which can be also enhanced later on. These +12 weapons give a huge boost to damage and allow you to do most content.

    For new players, here is a guide to help you set up the game and navigate:

    For experienced players, here is an endgame guide to get you stronger and ready for the raids :

    The event details will be described here and how to get the weapon:

    We are currently looking for DPS classes to join us.

    What currently looking for are :

    1-2 priest

    8+ DPS

    (TOP DPS are sin, wiz, zerk, gunner)

    (Medium/Good DPS are archer,rune blader ... maybe thief)


    Knights are maybe

    We hope you can join us in our quest!

    Link for our discord is here :

    Edit : Added server name/ discord link

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