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    Ok so ill keep this short and simple, this post is for anyone interested in joining a guild where you can meet new people, participate in competitions and activities, and most importantly have fun.

    I welcome any kind of player, this guild isn't about anything specific. My vision for this guild is to have a massive number of players who can all help each other out and have fun together. I hope to see the guild one day become well respected and filthy rich (hehe).

    1. The Council: For those who are willing to put in extra effort to help out the guild and be a part of the decision making process. Requirements: Experienced, Hard working, Creative
    2. Cloud Member: For anyone or group of friends who love playing and socializing within the platform. Requirements: Helpful, Nice.
    3. Designers: Basically anyone who thinks they can work on UGC content. Requirements: Creative, Photoshop knowledge?..
    4. Event Planner: I think its self explanatory.
    5. Recruiters: If you enjoy socializing with people and think you can show the threads for new members this is for you. Requirements: Experienced, Helpful, Sociable.
    6. Heroes: This category is for anyone who is into being the best of the best. Heroes are meant to represent the guild and will be battling bosses, leveling all day erryday, and having godly equipment. Well thats the plan anyways. Requirements: Experienced, Active, Hardcore!!..
    Some of my ideas regarding the guild are given below:
    -Weekly Dungeon Based events
    -Guild Clothing (Capes, Caps, Masks, Backpacks)
    -PVP Competitions and Rewards
    -Area Boss/Elite boss hunting
    -Guild House parties, and Conferences.
    -Item auctioning events.​

    The unofficial MS2 Cloud guild page is given on the website on the guild section. Id post a link but Im new here so I cant.
    So anyone interested in joining this awesome guild please contact me on the website. I am looking forward to getting to know whoever is joining and to have a lot of fun.

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