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    Update (10:00 AM PST): The maintenance has been completed. Thank you for your patience, and enjoy the Chaos Rising Update!

    We will be performing a scheduled maintenance on Thursday, November 8th at 7:00 AM PST. During this period, all servers will be unavailable. We anticipate the maintenance to last approximately 3 hours, concluding at around 10:00 AM PST.

    - Start and End Times -

    • PST (UTC -8): 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    • EST (UTC -5): 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • BRST (UTC -2): 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • CET (UTC +1): 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    • AEDT (UTC +11): 2:00 AM - 5:00 AM, November 9th

    Please note that the estimated length of time for each maintenance is subject to change without notification.

    - What -

    Chaos Raids Added

    • 10-man raid dungeons
    • Chaos Dungeons can be entered directly through the Dungeon Directory
    • Gear Score requirements will require main weapons to be equipped
    • The following dungeons will be released:
      • Shadow Altar
        • Requires Gear Score: 4500
        • Rewards:
          • Extreme, Rage, and Panic Headgear, Gloves and Shoes.
          • Absolute Accessory and Cape Fragments
          • Gemstone & Gem Dust Box
          • Exceptional Devorak (Combat Pet)
      • Moonlight Fortress
        • Requires Gear Score: 5900
        • Rewards:
          • Extreme, Rage, and Panic Top and Bottoms
          • Absolute Accessory and Cape Fragments
          • Gemstone & Gem Dust Box
          • Exceptional Captain Moc (Combat Pet)
      • Ludibrium Clock Tower (Coming November 30)
        • Requires Gear Score: 7800
          • Extreme, Rage, and Panic Main Weapons
          • Absolute Accessory and Cape Fragments
          • Gemstone & Gem Dust Box
          • Exceptional Papulatus (Combat Pet)
    • Epic Weapons such as Murpagoth Warrior Weapon, Ancient Rune Weapon, MSL Onyx Weapon will have their Chaos Raid attributes activated when entering any of the Chaos Raids.

    Battle Sim Shop Added

    • Must complete Chaos Raid related trophies to unlock purchasable items
    • NPC (Location):
      • Beros (Queenstown)
      • Taroz (Hall of Heroes)
    Dungeon Cap Resets

    • Players can now reset their Dungeon Cleared cap once a week per account.
    • Only a character that reached the dungeon limit (30) can reset
    • Since this is a new feature, it will be marked as (Beta) while we collect and evaluate player feedback
    Fair Fight

    • Damage scaling based on player level will no longer impact Lv. 50+ monsters, allowing higher leveled players to do more damage.
    • Class Buffs and Passive skills will no longer be scaled by Fair Fight.
      • This will help scale the damage for classes like Thief and Priest where their builds have heavy usage of buff/passive skills.
      • Example of Thief using Retaliation Buff before and after this new Fair Fight change with buff/passive skills:


    Design Shop Changes

    • Listing fees will be increasing starting from 190 Merets and going up to 390 Merets with each listing beginning on Nov. 8.
    • Sales fee will be reduced from 30% to 25%. This will be applied to all listings currently present in the market.
    • All new listings added to the Design Shop after the Nov. 8 maintenance will have their duration extended to 90 days.
    • Any listings found violating the Terms of Use will no longer have their listing fee nor template costs refunded.
      • Note: There is a known issue that a player will receive emails stating that their registration and template fees will be refunded, but it will not be. Current messaging is outdated and will be updated in the next maintenance.
    Maple Shop and Maple Guide Tutorial for UGCs

    • The following Weapon Templates have now been added for 500 Merets each:
      • Priest: 1 Scepter and 1 Codex templates
      • Wizard: 1 Staff template
      • Heavy Gunner: 1 Cannon template
      • Berserker: 1 Greatsword template
    • Short Cape Template has been added for 100,000 Mesos
      • Note: This template can't be listed on the Design Shop
    • "Learning About UGC" Maple Guide Tutorial has returned
      • Homespun Fashion
        • 1 Short Cape template has been added to allow the completion of this quest.
      • A Perfect Fit
      • Smile!
    General Updates

    • Ability to reduce the height and area of homes have now been added.
    • Added Quickslot Paging
      • 3 quickslot pages available
    • A new Wardrobe feature has been added to allow players to save outfits or gear. This can be found in their Character window.
    • "Party Ready" function has been added
    • Item Dismantling mechanic Improved
      • Now shows expected "dismantling results" preview before dismantling
      • Now can add more items to dismantle at once
      • Dismantle animation has been shortened
    • Added a doctor to all Dungeon Lobby entrances
    • Added a function to view the Piano Roll when composing on Blank Music Score
    • Epic Quest Balance Changes
      • Adjusted location of taxi stop and epic quest NPCs in Kerning Interchange and Barrota Port to prevent players from getting attacked while interacting with NPCs.
      • Added a portal at the Lv. 22 epic quest
      • Reduced difficulty of "A Secret Treatment" epic quest's objective
    • Monster Balance Changes
      • Reduced health and attack of monsters in Barrota Port and Barrota Shore
      • Reduced attack of regular monsters in normal adventure dungeon "Cherry Blossom Forest (Lv. 16)"
      • Reduced attack of regular monsters in normal adventure dungeon "Golden Tower 7F (Lv. 21)"
      • Reduced attack of regular monsters and boss in normal adventure dungeon "Twinkling Path (Lv. 29)"
      • Removed cutscene, changed pattern, and reduced attack of minions in normal adventure dungeon "Shadow Altar (Lv. 30)"
      • Reduced boss monster attacks in normal adventure dungeon "Forest of Chaos (Lv. 35)"
    • Mouse and Keyboard Mode Improvement Changes
      • If there's an interactable object at the location where the mouse is clicked, you can now interact with the object after reaching that location.
      • The mouse cursor will turn yellow if hovering over an object that's interactable.
    • Adjustments have been made to the tutorials so that it's easier to clear the Assassin and Runeblade Tutorials.
    • Improvements have been made with the 10053 disconnection error. In order to reduce the amount of disconnections, players will now see a reconnecting loading sign when their internet becomes unstable. It will attempt to reconnected for up to 45 secs if any disconnection is detected. See the State of the Game Week 4 Producer Blog for more information.
    • The Navigator's "Level 50 Reward Box" has been updated.
      • It will now reward the following:
        • 20 Elixirs
        • 100 Special Red Potion
        • 100 Special Red Herb
        • 1 Exceptional +10 Enchant Scroll for your weapon.
      • For players who obtained the previous "Level 50 Reward Box" and opened the box before Nov. 8 maintenance, will receive a new box.
      • For players who obtained the previous "Level 50 Reward Box," but did not open the box before Nov. 8 maintenance, will not obtain the new items in the box. All boxes must be opened to receive a new box before Nov. 8 maintenance.
      • Weapons enchanted with this scroll cannot be dismantled for Chaos Onyx Crystals.

    Other Changes

    • "Buy Meret" prices have now been reduced by 50% on Steam for South America Currencies while on the South America Region. See the South American Pricing Change article for further details.
    • Level restriction for whispers is now set to Level 25
    • Level restrictions for Ad Banners and Ad Balloons are now set to Level 50
      • The previous two changes have been made to combat ad spammers, and may be adjusted in the future based on effectiveness and feedback.
    • Razer Chroma Update:
      • The unique color of the selected character's job will always be displayed.
      • Flash red once when damage is received.
      • Flash red constantly when health is 30% or less.
      • Rainbow effect repeated 3 times on level up.
    Sales Update

    • New Items Added to the Style Crate:
      • Fluffy Fox Triple-Tail
      • Gas Mask
      • Crispy Toast
      • Techno Jet Wings
      • Plump Bunny Antennae
      • Plump Bunny Ring (F) and (M)
      • Plump Bunny Sneakers (F) and (M)
      • Plump Bunny Knit Apparel (M)
      • Plump Bunny Overshirt (F)
      • Bubble Bath Rubber Ducky Cap
      • Bubble Bath Top (F) and (M)
      • Bubble Bath Bottoms (F) and (M)
      • Sweet Dreams Sleeping Hat
      • Sweet Dreams Ribbon Cap
      • Sweet Dreams Jammies (F) and (M)
      • Sweet Dreams Kitty Ring (F) and (M)
      • Sweet Dreams Kitty Slippers (F) and (M)
      • Yellow Kindergarten Hat
      • Kindergarten Top (F) and (M)
      • Kindergarten Shorts (M)
      • Kindergarten Skirt (F)
      • Kindergarten Mary Janes (F)
      • Kindergarten Sneakers (M)
    • New Items Added to the Style Coin Shop:
      • Technokitty Outfit Package
      • Technokitty Goggles (F) and (M)
      • Technokitty Ear Pins (F) and (M)
      • Technokitty Sneakers (F) and (M)
      • Technokitty Mitts (F) and (M)
      • Technokitty Threads (F) and (M)
      • Technokitty Drone (F) and (M)
      • Luxury Velvet Carriage
      • Sparkling Rainbow Buddy Badge Chest
      • Sunny Side Up Damage Skin
      • Puppy Swim Tube
      • Puppy Pal Fishing Badge
      • Nihal Dynasty Tombstone
      • Bubble Bath Rubber Ducky Cap
      • Bubble Bath Top (F) and (M)
      • Bubble Bath Bottoms (F) and (M)
      • Sweet Dreams Sleeping Hat
      • Sweet Dreams Ribbon Cap
      • Sweet Dreams Jammies (F) and (M)
      • Sweet Dreams Kitty Ring (F) and (M)
      • Sweet Dreams Kitty Slippers (F) and (M)
      • Plump Bunny Antennae
      • Plump Bunny Ring (F) and (M)
      • Plump Bunny Sneakers (F) and (M)
      • Plump Bunny Knit Apparel (M)
      • Plump Bunny Overshirt (F)
    • New Items in the Premium Market:
      • Autumn Delights Special Offer
      • Outfit Items:
        • Crispy Toast
        • Fluffy Triple-Tail
        • Gas Mask
        • Techno Jet Wings
        • Sparkling Pumpkin Hat
        • Yellow Kindergarten Hat
        • Kindergarten Top (F) and (M)
        • Kindergarten Skirt (F)
        • Kindergarten Shorts (M)
        • Kindergarten Mary Janes (F)
        • Kindergarten Sneakers (M)
      • Pets:
        • Lil Gobbler Capsule
        • Cedric Capsule
        • Nigel Capsule
        • Rupert Capsule
      • 5 Weapon Templates added:
        • Heavy Gunner - Pommeled Cannon Template
        • Berserker - Flat Greatsword Template
        • Priest - Round Scepter Template
        • Priest - Scroll Template
        • Wizard - Round Staff Template
      • Thanksgiving Furnishing Package:
      • Individual Housing Items:
        • Garden Party Twinkling Acorn Lights
        • Garden Party Turkey Balloon
        • Garden Party Turkey Wheelbarrow
        • Garden Party Chair
        • Garden Party Drink Table
        • Garden Party Dessert Table
        • Garden Party Feast Table
        • Garden Party Pumpkin Pile
        • Garden Party Porch
        • Garden Party Acorn Fence
      • Paulie's Random Hair is getting updated with new hair. These hairs will come out at 5% ratio compared to 11.25% of rest of the hairs:
        • Male:
          • Messy Shag Cut
          • Medium Soft Curls
        • Female:
          • Romantic Half-up Hair
          • Baby Short Twin tails
      • Bountiful Fall Chat Bubble
      • Bountiful Fall Name Tag

    • Turkey Terror
    • Maple Harvest
    Fixed Bugs

    • Corrected the name of the buff for MSL Onyx Weapons from "Dragon Hunter" to "Machine Hunter"
    • Renamed the two Kaborcan enemy types in Barrota Port so they can now be better differentiated (Kaborgan and Kaborcan Bruiser)
    • Fixed the Blue Star Merchant's debug text that displayed when a purchase was attempted with insufficient funds
    • Corrected a typo in the Gold Bar Wagon's description
    • Adjusted the description for Vibraphonist Trophy so it properly states the correct instrument
    • Additional Skill Tabs can now be purchased with Red Merets
    • Clarified a Nazkar Altar Exploration Goal to specify that Snake Statues must be used to attack enemies
    • Removed two insignias that are currently unobtainable (Ferocious Beast and Full Moon)
    • Renamed the "Resistance Boost" Guild Buff to "Piercing Boost" to properly match its effect
    • Fixed debug text that displayed when composing a blank music score
    • Updated the text on the Gender Change Voucher to specify that gender specific items will remain unchanged after using the voucher
    • Ureus Souvenir can now be purchased after defeating Ureus 10 times
    • Fixed a problem with duplicate selections being available in the Languages dropdown list
    • Berg and Alkimi Islands are now visible on the World Map and Furnishing Portal
    • Updated the information displayed in the mail received after deleting User Generated Content
    • Fixed the chat input box so that text is no longer hidden by the Emote button
    • Removed an unnecessary scrollbar from the dialogue of several NPCs (Demdem, Doc Maccan, Eupheria)
    Known Issue List

    • The "New" tab in the Meret Market Premium Shop lists several items that are no longer "New", along with the new items
    • User Generated Content in the Design Shop that have apostrophes in the name cannot be linked in chat
    • Dark Cell Prison Key is available as a looted item, but the corresponding quest it was used for has been removed
    • When attempting to list a User Generated Content item with insufficient Merets, the "Insufficient Merets" popup is displayed twice
    • Gathering gain amount is incorrectly calculated when multiple gathering buffs are active
    • Certain air mounts are incorrectly character bound instead of being account bound
    • Killing Vulcantop does not give trophy progress for Fast and Furious
    • Killing Irontop does not give trophy progress for Came Out on Top
    • The trophy Scent of Lavender cannot be completed even if all criterias are met.
    • Lions Gate, Forsaken Fields, Lulu Village, Aurora Laboratory, and the Expedition Base currently do not spawn hidden Golden Treasure Chests

    Thank you for your patience.

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