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    Hello everyone,

    Considering the next patch will modify the Levels, HP, and Exp that certain mobs will get I've been playing around with some of the numbers we are currently using for popular training areas. I only made this today so some monster exp values at higher levels have not been filled in. If you know the monsters and their base exp value, please feel free to put them in. I also made this so people could see the progression of grinding as you leveled.

    Spreadsheet can be found here
    • Party quest monsters are not included as they scale based on level/average party level.
    • This is more for people who prefer to grind rather than do party quests at specific levels.

    I wanted to share this spreadsheet with so that we could help everyone find new areas after this patch comes out.
    Now some notes on how to use it:
    • You only need to put values in columns E - H & O - R
    • In Columns E and O, please put in the base exp as the other columns deal with the different modifiers.
    • The script I have made will make sure that columns F - H and P - R will only accept the values in their headers. Also when you change the value of one item within the column, all values will match that column.
    • As this is not a program, but a "public spreadsheet" be aware that other people might edit things during your session, so please be aware if your values change at random.
    • Be courteous and clear your input values before you leave.

    Please feel free to leave any suggestions/comments on what you think.

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