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    Hey guys! I decided to post this topic because my birthday is coming up in about a month. I figured I will do a weekend livestream as well as stream on my birthday.


    March 21st - Special 12-Hour LiveStream
    8 AM CDT to 2 PM CDT for Single Player Stream
    2PM CDT to 8PM CDT for Multiplayer Stream

    March 25th - Birthday Special Stream
    1:00 PM CDT to 5:00PM CDT for Single Player Stream
    5:30 PM CDT to 9:30PM CDT for Multiplayer Stream

    For the Multiplayer Livestream, you have to have Streamed at least 1 game on TwitchTV as well as either a Skype account, a Steam account, or a RaidCall account (Thanks, iamflip!) if you wanna voice chat with me and others. Send me a PM of your Steam name or Nintendo Network ID so that I know it's you that added me.

    MapleStory: Crimsonwood Keep PQ (Must be in Windia)
    Super Smash Bros. Wii U*
    Mario Kart 8*
    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate*
    100% Orange Juice
    Jack Box Party Pack
    Left 4 Dead 2
    Portal 2
    Team Fortress 2
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