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    Hey everyone.

    Recently I've had to employ some pretty odd but effective bot prevention tactics on this forum.
    I wanted to let everyone know exactly what features of your account might raise alarm and prevent you from being able to register.

    I currently have a point system put in place for registering. If you cross X points you will not be allowed to register.
    Each item on it's own won't prevent you from registering but 2 or more will.

    A few factors that will increase your points are the following:
    • Registering using an outlook.com email address.
    • Registering with an New Delhi IP address.
    • Having a space in your username
    As bots evolve I might employ other methods but for now this is what we are using. If you feel like any of these settings are preventing you from registering, please try a different email service provider or contact me directly via the Contact page.

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