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    There's two and a half weeks of Mushking Pre-Season remaining, and getting all the rewards possible isn't going to be easy. That's why we're releasing a special bundle to help you get up to higher levels, as well as an experience tonic to keep your momentum going strong!


    Sale Duration

    • End of Maintenance, September 13th - Start of Maintenance, October 1st
    Sale Details

    • Gold Royale Pass Bundle
      • Price: 2,500 Merets
      • Contains a Gold Royale Pass and a Lv. 30 Royale Experience Tonic
      • The Lv. 30 Royale Experience Tonic grants your character 900,000 Royale Experience when used, enough to take your character from Royale Lv. 1 to Royale Lv. 30
      • Can only be purchased once per account
      • Purchased from the Royale Pass menu
      • Can only be purchased if you have not yet purchased the Gold Royale Pass
    • Special 70% Off Royale Experience Tonic
      • Price: 300 Merets
      • Grants your character 100,000 Royale Experience when used
      • Can be purchased up to 4 times per week per account, resetting on Thursdays
      • Purchased from Doldol in Royale Park

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