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    Do you want to make mesos? Then look below but I will say if you are under 120-130 then DO NOT WORRY ABOUT MAKING MESOS AND CONTINUE TO PLAY THE GAME.

    Note these are some tips that you can do. This manual will be edited as time goes on.

    1. Monster Familiars
    • Big Spider [Verne Mine: Shaft 2 - Edelstein]
    • Mutant Snail [Future Henesys]
    • Rare Event Familiars
    2. Selling potions
    • Sunset Dews / Reindeer Milks [NPC Sell]
    • Power Elixers / Elixers / All-cure potions [Merch]
    • Level 10 Alchemy Potions
    • EXP / Wealth Accumulation Potions
    3. Bossing
    • Elite Bosses [Clean Slate Scrolls]
    • Most bosses [Sunset Dews / Reindeer Milk / Power Elixers / Elixers]
    • Empress [Lionheart / Falcon Wing / Dragon Tail / Raven Horn / Shark Tooth]
    • Gollux [Reinforced / Superior]
    • Magnus [Tyrant]
    • Root Abyss [Glove / Shoe Boxes with Runes to get "Rank up" or "Scroll perfect" equipment]
    • Chaos Root Abyss [Fafnir]
    • Merchant Trade Union - Commerci [Sweetwater]
    4. Events
    • Tradable Shop Currency [Example RED Maple Leaves during the RED event]
    • Stuff pertaining to the event itself
    5. Mining / Digging / Alchemy
    • Commerci / Heartstones / Mysterious Veins / Legendary Mysterious Veins - Cubic / Chaos Cubic Blades [Merch]
    • Mysterious Herb / Legendary Mysterious Herb - Dusk Essences [Merch]
    • Cubes [Self use, but use on stuff you want to rank up]
    • Getting 100-120 Equipment -> Alchemy decomposing and getting Superior Item Crystals [Merch]
    6. Merching [Requires some mesos]
    • Stay in the Free Market and buy stuff that is selling for under average price and sell it for average or higher depending on how many of those items are on the market. Example: "X" Familiar Average price is 10,000,000 Mesos. You see one for 6,000,000 Mesos. Buy it and sell for average. Profit = +4,000,000 mesos.

    Please feel free to comment or suggest your ways of making mesos "Legally".
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    I'd said 50% of my income comes from solo Commerci runs and selling the cubic blades I get, 30% superior item crystals from Commerci and decomposing nerco equips, 20% npc'ing potions.

    So you covered all the ways I make money, seems like a nice guide.
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    Forgot to mention Commerci in general I forgot they drop cubics.

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