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    Hey guys,

    Please do NOT forget to get the rewards from this road to beta thing going on.
    Here is how to get them :
    1.Once you register click on the top right button "ROAD TRIP"
    2. Scroll down and you will find a long list of FREE and probably one time items, right now there are two available ~~ A. Share the beta sign-up news
    B. Follow Us on Twitter/FB/Instagram
    3. These events are timed and limited I think it's 200000 activities and we are already almost at 30k!
    4. I believe there are 7 rewards in total you can imagine by the time we reach the 5th rewards we would reach 200k already.
    I believe that's the easiest way to be accepted into the closed beta because getting all the 7 rewards will get you a pass into the beta "have to be in the 1st 10k participants who complete them"

    Have fun!
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