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    Hello everyone,

    So as my stream sometimes contains lower level content (If I choose to speedrun classes or start new characters), I was eager to get into the fray and see where the ideal training spots were and this post is the result of that experiment. I want to note here I am not showing off in anyway, I only list the equipment here just to give some perspective on damage against enemies while I was hunting.

    Class: Dawn Warrior

    Character Cards:
    Mechanic (S), Xenon (S), Demon Avenger (S)
    Zero (A), Paladin (S), Hayato (S)
    Thunder Breaker (S), Buccaneer (S), Angelic Buster (S)
    Link Skills:
    Cannoneer (2)
    Phantom (2)
    Luminous (2)
    Kaiser (2)
    Mercedes (1)
    Angelic Buster (2)
    Xenon (2)
    Demon Avenger (2)
    Hayato (1)
    Kanna (2)
    Zero (2)
    Beast Tamer (2)
    - 8 Att work gloves
    - Perfect Absolute Belt
    - Evolving Ring II lvl 9
    - Evolving Ring lvl 17
    - Absolute Ring Shoulder
    - Absolute Ring
    - Tot's Weapons from 20-60 (Used the 60 weapon to ~100) then a revolution 2h Sword
    - Tot's Armor Equipment from 20-60 then Purple Senior Shoes and Overall as well as Spiderweb Pointy Hat(50)
    - Pendant of the Spirit (from the event)
    - Power Monger Medal

    Any form of help?
    I had my bishop give me a hand from 25-50 mark and my kanna from 50-70.

    Long detailed version
    Level 10 - 20
    The Curse eye family in Elina was giving me the same amount of experience as the pre-patch golems ranging from 35 - 60 base exp as you went further in.

    Level 20 - 30
    I originally was going to go to Blue Mushmom as it's exp value and HP did not change so it was ideal, but when I went hunting for it, it did not seem to spawn. I then moved on to see if I could hit Stirges in Kerning city, it seemed to early so I went back to surgeon eyes until 25. This is where I went to Stirges and had my Bishop give me advanced blessing (thinking the accuracy boost might help). I managed to get to 30 with no problems.

    Level 30 - 40
    I went to Ellinal academy to see if the quest exp / monster exp had changed. It did not look like it after the first couple of quests so I went back to Stirges until 35 where I did the same thing with Gold Beach as the monster exp had dropped as well. I ended up staying at Stirges. Note: Stirges give 147 base experience which is considerably better then pre-patch Drakes (119) and CDs (116).

    Level 40 - 50
    I went to experiment with the Wild boars in perion as they give 187 exp and their spawn was great. I went further in to see if it was worth it, but I came to the conclusion that base Wild boars were better. This however is somewhat class dependent as if you are training on a mage that is not a Luminous or a Kanna you will find that getting around the big map will make this a slow experience.

    Level 50 - 60
    At this level I wanted to see if I could hit Drakes as they give 307 experience. I then proceeded to explore the new portal leading to Ant Tunnel and proceeded to train on Zombie Mushrooms and Zombie Mushmom as their spawn was plentiful. Closer to around 57 I went back to drakes as I figured a Kanna here would be best.

    Level 60 - 70
    I hung around Drakes for a little bit and decided to go to Magatia to see if Roids and Sand Rats were viable, they indeed were. I went to Sand rats while my buddy went to Roids. The maps definitely got bigger again however for Sand rats I went 2 maps over from town. Roids map probably doubled in size. Sand Rats give 1147 Exp where as Roids give 1399.

    Level 70 - 120
    As monster park extreme is now at level 100. I went to Romeo and Juliet PQ and proceeded to grind there with a party of 4. I must say that they buffed the monsters in there considerably. It appears they did not modify their HP, but more increased their Exp. I say this as the party consisted of myself at 70, a 74, an 80 and a 78. In the first run I leveled up 10 times while grinding in there. There was no Kanna or Priest/Phantom. With some people being swapped in and out we continued approx. 5-7 more until I reached 120. I had also inbetween waiting for some people tried out Monster Park Extreme around level 107. The monsters in there were as expected, though I had heard from my buddies that it was nerfed, it seemed buffed for me, but maybe that was just me.

    To summarize tldr:
    20 - 30:
    Curse Eye Family + Stirges

    30 - 40:
    Elinal Theme dungeon and Gold Beach didn't seem to be worth it

    40 - 50
    Wild Boars

    50 - 60
    Drakes & Zombie Mushrooms

    60 - 70
    Sand Rats & Scorpions or Roids

    70 - 120
    R&J PQ got a nice buff
    MPE didn't seemed nerfed

    After all that it seemed this patch heavily supports party play from levels 1 - 120 with all the big maps and spawn so if you can get with your buddies and have a good time. They considerably made it easier as all of the exp from monsters were increased, especially comparing them from the previous patch.

    As for higher level we will see what happens later, until next time Happy Mapling.

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    Just to add on, this is my own personal guide from streaming for 5+ hours and 3+ hours on my own time. Hope it helps.

    Note : Most maps are party play now; therefore, training in a party in certain maps gives more experience.
    • 1 - 10 Job Quests
    • 10 - 20 Blue Mushmom | Flaming Mixed Golems
    • 20 - 35 Golden Beach
    • 35 - 50 Dead Scarecrows
    • 50 - 60 Ludi PQ
    • 50 - 70 Drakes
    • 70 - 80 Sandrats & Scorpions
    • 80 - 100 Roids | Homunculus
    • 80 - 120 Romeo & Juliet PQ
    • 100 - 120 Toy Trojans
    • 100 - 140 Monster Park Extreme
    • 100 - 140 Vellum Garden Imp Grind (Requires 2 people)
    • 100 - 165 Evolution Lab
    • 130/135 - 165 Mysterious Path 3
    • 140 - 165 Dimensional Invasion PQ
    • 165 - 250 Stronghold : Drill Hall 2
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    From 50 to 60, I trained at Desert rabbits (M and F), its just my personal preference :p
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    Are you sure this was not before the patch? They are level 86 mobs now.
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    oh really? O_O sorry if I was wrong, didn't go there for a while
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    No problem, just letting people know for the future :smile:

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